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They called a Board Meeting this morning, but I was late and my advisors were in the middle of a heavy discussion when I walked in. They had a serious message to convey to me and hummed and hawed around before they could get it out. They knew I wouldn’t like to hear what they had to say.

“You are evading your other writing project with this blog”, they told me. “You have to give it up.”

It was harsh news, but I knew they were right. ‘I’m having a lot of fun here at the Newsroom,’ I told them. ‘I can’t give it up completely.’

‘You’re never going to finish your book this way.’

I sighed and reluctantly agreed that I would stop, but just until I’m done with my book. ‘I can ‘paws’ it’ I told them. They got the joke. They’re very smart cats.

I will miss being here, but I’ll check in from time to time for comments, so feel free to have your say.

Hope to be back soon.


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