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The face of compassion

It’s fire season in California and the latest one in our area was the Humboldt Fire, which was close enough to us to tinge our sky hazy yellow.

The fire destroyed over 20,000 acres around Chico and Paradise. The entire town of Paradise (a beautiful place that lives up to its name) had to be evacuated. This included evacuating all of its animals too, a successful mission due to the efforts of the local animal disaster rescue groups.

I am always amazed at the dedication of the firefighters and volunteers who give 200% of their time and energy. The North Valley Animal Disaster Group, based out of Chico evacuated over 400 animals during this fire along with the help of United Animal Nations and the Yuba Sutter Domestic Animal Disaster Assistance.

This is my small voice of appreciation for their efforts. If I have left out any group or individuals who valiantly assisted in this rescue, please let me know. Here are a few photos from the rescue groups.


Humboldt Fire rescue effort



Needs no words

Emergency Animal Rescue Service, a division of United Animal Nations shared these beautiful images below.


EARS volunteer extraordinaire Jamie Peters took charge of the cat house.


Awwwwh....a happy ending



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