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Here’s a rescue story of a different sort in case you missed this. A house cat adopts and nurses a baby panda. Cat belonged to the zookeeper at an Amsterdam zoo. This cheered me up and I hope it will you too.


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There’s the South Korean scientists experimenting with cats story. They’re the ones with the glow in the dark cats. You’ve probably seen these already. Scientists perform these crazy, bizarre experiments with altruistic intentions, right? They always justify their work in the cause of finding cures for human genetic disorders. Never mind that these animals suffer greatly at the expense of men playing God.

But my posting isn’t a critique of pros and cons of scientific research. Why not apply a marketing angle to this? Put South Korean scientists together in a room with some American marketing gurus.There has to be a niche market for glow-in-the-dark-cats. Never mind that they’d be toxic to your health and have their own severe health and emotional problems. Who cares? They’d make great night lights. And they’d fit right in that retro 60’s room you’ve been planning to do.

How in the heck did I arive here? I seem to have a strange mind proccess that, without warning, will link two unrelated subjects together. No telling what happens as a result. I never know when this is going to occur and I don’t know why it happens. Maybe it’s genetic.

So, just in case you’re fascinated by how I arrived at marketing glow-in-the-dark cats, I’d been saving a bloggish/almost news item that didn’t quite qualify for a full posting. It was about a woman who, on a shopping trip with her friend, discovered that said friend decorated her home to match her calico cat. I thought that was pretty silly, especially since the cat had been dead for 2 years, but I couldn’t quite come up with an interesting enough posting from this by itself.

But today, when I re-read the ‘mad scientists and their cats’ story, the “The Mind Thing” kicked in and I saw the possibilities. Home decorating and designer cats! ‘Glow in the dark’ is just the start.  Why spend all that time and money trying to find stuff to match your cat? Too limiting. Get your genetic, designer cat that matches your unique home decorating style and the latest in colors.

Whether it’s the newest 2008 Benjamin Moore colors, be it ‘Aegean Teal’, ‘French Violet’, ‘Rockport Gray’, ‘Misted Fern’, ‘Cherokee Brick’ or ‘Ferret Brown’ you won’t have to worry about your sleeping cat clashing with the wall colors. Just send your color chip in to your neighborhood Korean scientist.





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I had to make a new category for this bizarre story. It’s been around a few weeks, but I just couldn’t pass up making a comment about it.

First of all, there is a black cat was named Sooty. When poor Sooty died, his ashes weren’t just scattered off some landmark bridge and out to sea. Something reasonable I suppose if you are into that kind of thing. No, Sooty’s ashes (not all, just some) were placed in a diamond press, exposed to temperatures of 3,000 degrees celsius and placed under one million pounds of pressure for two weeks.

Assuming these are real people who make a living doing this, this is all in a day’s work. LifeGem is a company that takes animal and human ashes and turns them into gems. But apparently, Sooty’s owner had a request that was even a first for them. She wanted him to become a diamond.

Sooty is believe to be the only diamond in the world created from a pile of ashes. Not just a regular diamond either, Sooty had to be a black diamond to match her coat. The company created a new technique to achieve this aim. Of course they did. All it takes is money.

This is just creepy. Transforming the dead into jewelry. What am I missing here? How does this even remotely memorialize a pet? If remembering your beloved animal is the goal, then a really nice framed photograph would do that. Make a scrapbook of Sooty’s cute photos. Bury him in the back yard and put up a little headstone. But a diamond ring from his ashes? Pet cemetaries are too excessively indulgent in my opinion, nevermind cloning your pet so you can have an exact replica. Dead cats turned into diamonds falls into the same category.

Misplaced priorities combined with too much money. If you want to memorialize your cat, donate all that excess money to a worthy cause.

Read the whole story   Sooty’s owner, who runs a bingo hall somewhere in North Devon, UK, apparently has other dead cats she’s wears.

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