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They called a Board Meeting this morning, but I was late and my advisors were in the middle of a heavy discussion when I walked in. They had a serious message to convey to me and hummed and hawed around before they could get it out. They knew I wouldn’t like to hear what they had to say.

“You are evading your other writing project with this blog”, they told me. “You have to give it up.”

It was harsh news, but I knew they were right. ‘I’m having a lot of fun here at the Newsroom,’ I told them. ‘I can’t give it up completely.’

‘You’re never going to finish your book this way.’

I sighed and reluctantly agreed that I would stop, but just until I’m done with my book. ‘I can ‘paws’ it’ I told them. They got the joke. They’re very smart cats.

I will miss being here, but I’ll check in from time to time for comments, so feel free to have your say.

Hope to be back soon.


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Rambo, the taxi cab cat, isn’t a new story, but one I’ve been meaning to add to my collection of Cats in the News. 

Don’t know how many cats out there actually like riding in the car. My cats sure don’t, but then I always have them in a cat cage and I’m taking them to the vet. That could possibility affect their opinion. Riding in the car=getting stabbed with a needle.

In spite of that, My Mewsers were intrigued by this Taxi Cat, especially Marco, the more adventurous one. They asked me what other cats thought about riding in  cars. I told them I’d ask my readers.

So, how does your cat like riding in the car? Do you know any other good ‘cats riding in cars’ stories?


Meet Rambo, The Taxi Cab Cat

WEST PALM BEACH (CBS4) ― A sign on a South Florida cab reads ‘Living Life in the Fast Lane’ when it should say ‘Living Nine Lives in the Fast Lane.”

That’s because West Palm Beach cab driver Dan Somers brings his car loving kitty to work with him.

“I don’t spend a lot of time at home, so I figured to spend time with my cat the best thing to do was to have my cat come with me,” said Dan.

Now, Dan and “Rambo” have become a sort of feline phenom and are known around town as the tabby taxi.

While most cats can’t stand riding in a vehicle, Rambo seems to revel in it, sticking his face and paws out the window to take in the breeze.

“Sometimes he’ll put his head way, way out there. I mean he’ll put his feet way out,” says Dan. “Sometimes I’ve gotta grab hold of his tail to make sure he doesn’t fall, you know?”

As much as Rambo enjoys the ride, Dan says his cat companion does not like big dogs, trucks, trains and the drunken men whom Dan has to occasionally give a ride.

“He goes under the seat,” laughs Dan “He does not like drunk men. I guess most people don’t.”

Rambo’s been a big hit with customers like Chrissy Sewell who finds riding with him just dandy despite the possible dander.

“I thought it was pretty cool because I’ve never seen a cat look out the window the way he does,” said Chrissy.

And fortunately, says Dan, not one fare has yet to complain of any feline allergies.

Link to news story about Rambo includes video.

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Let our Meows be heard!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for your cat. Let your feline have his political voice in this highly scientific-based survey. Find out what’s truly going on in your cat’s mind regarding the 2008 Presidential Election. This will certainly sway your vote if you are still on the fence.

According to Ducker of ‘Mutts n Cats from Honduras’ whose wife voted for their mayor primarily from the fact that the candidate had rescued a dog off the streets (see comments on last posting), I’m thinking that the pet issue is more of a major factor than anyone has acknowledged before now. Forget economic, healthcare and foreign policy issues! Cats, who are in the majority (outnumbering dogs by over 13 million) in the U.S., undoubtedly have valuable foresight into our political affairs.

So… don’t make this important decision without your cat’s opinion! This election is running so close that it might come down to ‘meow and bark’ opinions.

My two Mewsers are split politcally on the election. Polo is definitely more conservative and prefers the rumpled lived-in look of McCain, while Marco is the dashing, adventurous one with liberal leanings. He is very inspired by Obama and would love to see him in the White House. They get into fights over this occasionally. It’s making politics a hot button issue at our house these days.

So far the survey results indicate that both ferals and pedigrees choose McCain’s lap to sit in. The mixed breeds prefer Obama. Interesting.

Don’t delay. Grab your cat and let ’em vote!   http://www.polldaddy.com/s/D0CBCE9E910CC283/

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A common problem of cats not using their litter box can be due to having it placed in a high traffic area.

Come on. Cats are very fussy and private about these things. Why else would they pick the most unaccessible spot under your bed or behind the dresser instead of the litter pan sitting next to the refrigerator?

Here’s a solution to your kitty’s privacy issues and your home decoration standards. 

This fabulous looking wainscot-style cabinet will not only hide the messy litter box, it will give your Mewsers all the privacy they need…and in grand style.

This would look great in almost any bathroom. (It certainly looks better than a regular plastic litter pan.) The front swings open like a door so you can easily scoop or change the litter. Two shelves offer added storage and display space; the stainless steel bar gives you a convenient place to hang your scoop.

I found this product while cruising at 32,000 feet in the air this morning over middle America in the SkyMall magazine. It measures 19″W x 20 1/2″D x 25″H.

The Mewsers voted on it this evening and it was unanimous. They gave it a two paws up.

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A number of people have ended up on my blog from search engine terms for ‘shades of gray’. To those of you who came here expecting a home decorating sight, my apologies. So that you haven’t completely wasted your time, here are three lovely shades of gray that have been digitally produced from the fur of this kitten.

Have you considered the color of your cat when choosing that wall color? This is quite possibly the newest trend in home decorating.  After all, your cat probably spends a lot of time sleeping in the living room, right? If you are extremely color-coordinated conscious,  you will start to notice that the color of your cat doesn’t quite blend with the color scheme in your house. It’s one of those things that, if you don’t nip it in the bud, it could really keep you up at night. 

If you already have a cat, you’re pretty much stuck with the color. (There is the possiblity of designer-colored cats in the near future, but this is currently only available in North Korea and it’s limited to glow-in-the-dark colors. (See my posting: When Korean scientists meet with marketing gurus) at this point. But give them some time. I’m sure it won’t be long.)

On the other hand, your cat’s fur color could offer the perfect solution to that nagging problem of paint scheme. For example, I have two orange tabbies (The Mewsers) The thought of painting my living room in shades of orange reminds me of shag carpet and avocado appliances. Orange only looks good on cats and flowers and oranges. But just to see what it would look like, I ran a photo of Marco and Polo through the color picker on my graphics software.

Here’s the Mewsers color palette. Surprising results. Not orangey or 60’s at all. Kinda earthy. I showed it to them at our Monday morning board meeting. They loved the colors, of course, and they absolutely adored the idea of blending in with the walls (they already blend in with much of the furniture). Maybe I’ll take it to my local Sherwin Williams dealer and see if they can match it.

If you’ve spent hours looking at color samples, searched the internet for inspiration and advise and nothing has ‘clicked’ for you, here’s your solution.

Take a photo of your cat and send it to me. I will run it through my graphics color picker.  Free service for the first 10 submissions.


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"All we are saying is...give Peace a chance." John Lennon 

Every language has a word for peace as every heart has a longing for peace.    

♥ ♥ ♥ 

 Salaamu alaikum (Peace be upon you) Shalom…Paz…لح (solh)….Jam….Paix….Síocháin….શાંતિ śānti).. ..Kedamaian… .Pace….ಶಾಂತಿ (shaamti)….Pax….शान्ति (shanti)

♥ ♥ ♥ 

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.”  Jesus

“Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.” The Prophet Mohammed

“There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.”  Mahatma Gandhi

“Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky, Imagine all the people, living for today. Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too, Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” John Lennon

…..from the speech that Robert F. Kennedy gave on the night of Martin Luther King’s assassination, April 4th, 1968.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I’m only going to talk to you just for a minute or so this evening, because I have some very sad news for all of you — Could you lower those signs, please? — I have some very sad news for all of you, and, I think, sad news for all of our fellow citizens, and people who love peace all over the world; and that is that Martin Luther King was shot and was killed tonight in Memphis, Tennessee.

Martin Luther King dedicated his life to love and to justice between fellow human beings. He died in the cause of that effort. In this difficult day, in this difficult time for the United States, it’s perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in. For those of you who are black — considering the evidence evidently is that there were white people who were responsible — you can be filled with bitterness, and with hatred, and a desire for revenge.

We can move in that direction as a country, in greater polarization — black people amongst blacks, and white amongst whites, filled with hatred toward one another. Or we can make an effort, as Martin Luther King did, to understand, and to comprehend, and replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land, with an effort to understand, compassion and love.

For those of you who are black and are tempted to be filled with hatred and mistrust of the injustice of such an act, against all white people, I would only say that I can also feel in my own heart the same kind of feeling. I had a member of my family killed, but he was killed by a white man.

But we have to make an effort in the United States, we have to make an effort to understand, to get beyond, or go beyond these rather difficult times.

My favorite poem, my favorite poet was Aeschylus. And he once wrote:

“Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart,
until, in our own despair,
against our will,comes wisdom
through the awful grace of God.”

What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.

So I ask you tonight to return home, to say a prayer for the family of Martin Luther King — yeah, it’s true — but more importantly to say a prayer for our own country, which all of us love — a prayer for understanding and that compassion of which I spoke.

We can do well in this country. We will have difficult times. We’ve had difficult times in the past. And we will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; and it’s not the end of disorder.

But the vast majority of white people and the vast majority of black people in this country want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life, and want justice for all human beings that abide in our land.

Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world. Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people.

Thank you very much.” Robert F. Kennedy, asassinated 63 days later on June 6, 1968 

“If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream.”  Martin Luther King

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Gandhi


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I met with my advisors (see My Mewses) at our regular board meeting this morning and we all agreed that “Here Kitty” as our blog name just doesn’t portray the correct image. It evokes the similiar sounding cotton-candy name of “Hello Kitty’ and we’re not about ‘Pink’.

While we love a good time, it’s not all fluff and fur here. We’re out to save the world!–or at least a few cats.

“Global Cats” was the original blog name as a close observer could tell by the domain. But in some reckless moment we all thought that “Here Kitty” would be more catchy. Now it just doesn’t seem right. For one thing the blog is directly associated with our main headquarters at Global Cats. This blog is the satellite extension and newsroom of the main office.

It was a unanimous decision (and you know how hard it is to get everyone to agree on something). Therefore, be it known that on this day, the 27th of May, 2008, the official name of “Here Kitty” has been changed to “Global Cat Blog & Newsroom”.


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