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I wasn’t going to get political on this blog, but it seems that the cats and dogs can’t stay out of it this year and the staff at Global Cat Newsroom tries to keep its readers up to date on all the really serious news.

Seems that this year the election is going to the dogs according to an AP-Yahoo news poll. Any surprises there? But the headlines are fairly shouting out “Pet owners favor McCain over Obama!”  “Is McCain Best in Show for pet people?” “McCain expected to win the pet owner vote”.

Seriously, the AP poll concluded that pet owners prefer McCain over Obama claiming that since McCain owns a menagerie of pets and Obama has none, he has more of a compassion quotient. Has the election really come to this?

We’re going to decide who runs this great country by the candidate’s pet count? According to the the poll, dog owners lean toward McCain (43% to 34%) while cat owners run a closer race. It’s Obama in the lead (41% to 38%).

But here’s where this poll is mortally flawed. According to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, they estimate that 63 percent of American homes include a pet, including 88 million cats and only 75 million dogs.

So….cats rule America, but the dogs are making the decisions here.

Unfair to felines!

Cats need their own voice!

My conclusion is that these polls are pretty silly and are just there to keep us entertained, and so, following that logic, I’ve created my own poll. This is to be taken by your cat. No cheating. And no dogs sneaking their votes in on this one.

 Marco and Polo have both taken it, so I feel confident in it’s accuracy, give or take a margin of error of say, plus or minus 95%.

Please don’t hesitate to give your cat a political voice! Just nine short questions. I will post the results of this survey.



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