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Dear Readers: I received a letter this morning of a ghost sighting confirmed by the local cat-in-residence. On a small island off the rugged coast of Scotland, the manager of the local lodge and distillery outfitted their cat, Elvis, with a petcam.  Here’s the letter from contributer Harry Hussain. With this post, we hope to hear from Harry who promises to add the ghost photo. Thanks Harry for this story!

A new photo from the ‘petcam’ of Elvis – the Jura Distillery cat – has revealed what appears to be a ghost within the Jura Lodge.

When Distillery Manager Willie Cochrane initially fitted the local distillery’s four year old moggy with a petcam to take some ‘cat’s eye’ pictures of the island’s Music Festival, Elvis failed to produce any photos whatsoever. However, following a second attempt to secure some feline flicks, Willie got much more than he bargained for. Having downloaded images from the petcam onto his computer, a photo taken from inside the Lodge appears to show a spectral figure that matches the descriptions of a ghostly presence seen and felt by a number of guests who have stayed in the Lodge.

As well as the sighting, many who have stayed in the Lodge’s green room claim to have been woken by mysterious sounds of moving furniture, doors opening and closing and an indescribable chill in the air. However, this is the first time that the Lodge ghost has been caught on camera.

Distillery Manager Willie Cochrane said: “We knew that Elvis had some special qualities, but seeing dead people is a new one on us. Unsurprisingly, most of the photos we downloaded were unviewable, but this picture from the Lodge took us all by surprise! Elvis has already developed a bit of a cult following from those who have met him on Jura, so I’m sure this will only help to boost his popularity. Like many other places across the West Coast of Scotland, we’ve got many old ghost tales here on Jura, so Elvis has just helped to add another great story to our catalogue of myths and superstitions.”

Thanks to Harry and Elvis!


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